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Mistakes You Must Avoid To Score Good Bands in IELTS

Do you just miss the desired bands because of some silly mistakes? It’s time to learn about some common mistakes that students usually make in their IELTS exam and then regret. It’s best to know about those mistakes instead of regretting them once the result is out.

In this blog, you are going to know about the mistakes that you can avoid to score better in the IELTS exam.

1) Take a deep breath before answering

Sometimes you might get confused due to stress or nervousness, and at that time, you just need to take a deep breath and then carry on with the test. This pause that you took will help you arrange your thoughts, and you will answer more efficiently.

2) Read the instructions

Students make the mistake of skipping the instructions during the test. If you ignore the instructions, then your impression will be affected because you didn’t read the instructions.

If it is mentioned that you have to write the answer in 250 words, then you better stick to the limit. Your silly mistakes can cost you your dream.

3) Not effectively planning

As the IELTS becomes increasingly difficult within sections, major decisions such as whether to devote more time to the second essay while writing or attempt the last section while reading can significantly impact your score. You must make a plan based on your strengths and weaknesses when preparing for the exam.

4) Make notes

Making rough notes before putting out your answer is crucial. Once you write the answer on the answer sheet, you simply can’t take your words back. There are cases when you realise you have a better answer, but you already had written everything down by then.

So, to save yourself from such a situation, you just have to write your thoughts on a rough sheet and then arrange them.

5) Spare some time for revision

This holds true for any exam, but minor errors in the IELTS can result in you losing a band, which determines your eligibility to apply for jobs or courses with specific companies or institutes. When you finish any of the tasks, take some time to double-check that you were on track, rather than feeling obligated to review the paper later.

6) Improve Vocabulary

To score more, you have to put in some extra effort, and that is possible if you improve your vocabulary. Your enhanced vocabulary will help you get more bands to indicate the hold you have over the language.

If you are wondering how you can improve your vocabulary, then all you need to do is learn ten words daily and practice them both by writing and speaking. Practice will help you to retain those words.

7) Study the pattern

Before going for the test, analyse the paper pattern of the exam; this will help to make yourself comfortable. If you are aware of a pattern, you might not get confused and stressed. This familiarity will add confidence in you.

Read the questions, passages very carefully and then only answer them. Don’t rush through things while in the exam. If you want to score great, then make wise choices.

8) Take the help of professionals

To have the best results, you can take help from professionals. They will help you to rectify your mistakes and guide you on the right path. If you are wondering how you can get the best professional assistance, then here is what you have to do.

Search for the best IELTS coaching in Lalru and then research about the results that you got. Once you are done with the research, then you can choose the most suitable one.

Don’t forget to have a look at the faculty and testimonials. That’s all that you need but just remember, only the best IELTS institute in Lalru will help you to fulfil your dream.


So, here are the mistakes that you must avoid and you will definitely get the results in your favour. So, don’t waste any further time and start the search now for the right institute.

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