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How To Get Better IELTS Bands In the Listening Section?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Going to the country of your choice and getting enrolled in your dream college is possible if you have good IELTS bands. You must be aware that knowing a language and comprehending it is important for effective communication. Today, in this article, the main focus will be on the listening part.

When it comes to the listening module in the IELTS, then it consists of four parts:- Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4. Among these four sections. Section three is a bit more complicated and difficult than the other sections.

Some of you might not be aware of what section three has for you. So, don't assume things on your own and slide the screen a bit to know what exactly you have to encounter in section three of the listening test.

You hear two, three, or four people talking about an academic topic in Section 3 of the Listening Module. They could be students or professors. They could be discussing a specific course assignment or project, or they could be discussing a more general academic topic.

Before you start recording, make sure you read all of the options.

So, if you will be able to score good in section three, then there are chances you will be able to boost your bands. Let's get started without wasting any further time.

There are some unique tips to keep in mind, but the basic things to focus on when taking the IELTS listening test section 3 are the same for all types of questions. Let's take a look at the approach you can take for the IELTS listening test section 3 using the example of MCQs:

Underline the keywords

The very first thing to do is to underline the important keywords prior to listening to the audio. This is the basic thing that you are learning from a very young age. Remember the times when your teacher taught you to underline important things while attempting a passage.

The same happens in the listening module. If you want to answer correctly, then be focused and underline the important keywords.

You must be wondering how to underline keywords. Here is a simple example for this:-

Q- What kind of business is Samaira running?

In such a question, the keyword is Samaira and her business. So, while listening to the audio, you should be attentive and grab the information that is linked to Samaria and her business kind.

Got it? Good, practice it regularly, and on the final day, you will be able to crack the exam.

Listen Carefully

The next and most obvious thing is to listen carefully. Try to identify different voices, and then you will be able to trace the answers to the questions properly. If your mind is calm and clear at the exam center, you will differentiate between the voices. You will end up marking the right answer.

Understand the question

You already know that underlying keywords are important and crucial, but not every question is asked in the simplest way. You might encounter complex questions. There are some questions that you can only solve if you have read and understood the question carefully.

So, the simple trick to solve complex questions is first to underline the keywords. Read the question twice or thrice, read the options, try to understand what the question is, and then listen to the audio and answer the question.

You will definitely be able to answer complex questions also with this technique.

Be quick

Keep in mind that while listening to the audio, you must be quick enough to keep moving your eyes over all of the queries and options so that you are perfectly aligned with the audio and don't miss a question.

This can only be obtained if you are practicing daily and you are focused. You have to wave goodbye to your anxiety and overthinking. Believe in yourself that you can do it.

Keep track of the questions.

One thing which you can do is to always remember the questions are arranged according to the recording. The audio information is always presented in the same order as the questions.

So, instead of looking back for any skipped questions or unsure marked answers, you must keep going by moving on to the next question right away.

Take overview

Spare a couple of minutes and have a look at the questions and the options before moving to listen to the audio. This will help you to have a rough image of questions and options in your brain, and you will be able to trace the information and answer the questions correctly.

One major mistake that students commit while taking the listening exam is that instead of wasting time reading the questions, they should listen to the audio. But getting an overview of the questions is a utilization, not a waste of time.

Those couple of minutes will help you to get a glimpse of what you are about to listen to.

This is it! Now, you can score good bands if you take these tips into consideration. If you are still wondering what can be the best way to enhance your listening skills, then scroll your screen a bit, and there is the answer to this question.

There are two ways to improve your skills: either you can do it on your own, or you can take help from a professional. The latter option is considered to be more fruitful. If you reside near Lalru, you can simply search for the best IELTS institute in Lalru, Ambala, or IELTS coaching in Lalru.

Choosing the right institute for your preparation can be the best move you can make. You will be practicing under the eye of an expert, and they will correct you wherever you make mistakes. You can score great bands if you are practiced and confident.

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