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COVA Announces New Venture in Chandigarh, Offering Study Visa Consultancy Services

COVA, an emerging consultancy firm, announced its new venture as study visa consultants in Chandigarh, to help youth with services like career counselling and study visa consultancy.

After the success of the COVA Consultancy in Ambala, the team is all set to start a new venture in Chandigarh. Behind this new project, the goal is to offer help to students who want to get a study visa, pursue their further studies in a foreign land and needs help to build their careers.

Motivation Behind the New Study Visa Consultancy Centre in Chandigarh

COVA believes in guiding the students when they are stuck while chasing their dreams to study in foreign lands and finding the right career path. These days, some of the students might be confused regarding which career they should pursue to have a settled life. Even after an educational degree, they struggle to survive in the professional field due to many reasons. In this highly competitive world, only the extraordinary can survive with all the necessary skills.

At such a point, COVA, immigration consultants in Chandigarh, come into view and offers exceptional study visa and career counselling services. Our team believes in making the dreams of students turn into reality. Irrespective of the concerns, whether the student is seeking study visa consultation or career counselling, we are ready to extend our support.

COVA has already been successful with its first venture in Ambala, guiding students for getting high scores in the IELTS exam and study visa consultancy. Now is the time we want to make students' lives easier by offering the best career counselling and study visa consultation in Chandigarh.

About COVA

COVA is a leading consultancy firm, offers comprehensive classroom preparation programs for standardized tests such as the IELTS, PTE, Spoken English, Personality Development, study visa consultation, and career counselling services. Known for offering the right guidance and excellent counselling services, we are stepping up towards success every day. Our several students have been accepted by top universities worldwide.

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