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5-Step Guide To Help You Studying in the United Kingdom

Are you ready to make your dream come true by studying in the UK? We are here to help you with an easy 5-Step Guide.

The UK has been one of the most preferred countries by students for study due to the job opportunities, amazing weather, advanced technology, and so on. Every country has different rules for admitting international students, and the UK has its procedure and criteria. There is always a proper way to complete a process.

Let's have a look at the steps to study in the UK and fulfilling your dreams.

1) Research your options

The very first step is to research about the course and university which you want. This should be on your priority list as you have to do intensive research on multiple universities, colleges, and courses.

​​Keep in mind that in the United Kingdom, there are more than 150 higher education institutions. The finest college or university for you is that meets all of your academic, financial, and personal needs.

If you are wondering how you can decide, the best way is to start from the very first thing: the level of education you want to go for, like undergraduate, postgraduate, research, and so on. Once you are done with it, you can start with the course you want. Next, check out which university or college is offering that course.

2) Finance your studies

You have to keep your budget in mind while choosing everything, like the place you want to live, the college you are about to go to, and many other related things. If you choose wisely, then you can fulfil your dream at a very affordable cost.

Begin preparing your financial plan as soon as possible. Every year, the best scholarships are offered to international students by the government, the universities and many private trusts to help them pay for their studies. However, there is a lot of competition. Financial aid applications are submitted along with admissions applications.

Some of the options of scholarship include Great Scholarship, Scotland Saltire Scholarship, Goa Education Trust (GET) Scholarship, Charles Wallace India Trust, Hornby Scholarships and Commonwealth Scholarships & Fellowships Plan. So it is better to do extensive research about the possible scholarships. There is another way to know about these things, and that is by getting in touch with immigration consultants in Chandigarh. They will guide you in the right direction.

3) Complete your application form

Once you are done with the first two steps, then comes the time to complete your application. Some documents are required along with the application, and you have to follow the procedure very carefully. You can visit the university website to find the requirement to complete the application form.

Once you have completed the application form of the university, be ready with the Statement of Purpose, Letters of Reference from the last educational institution, Work Experience Letters (if any), IELTS/TOEFL Score Sheets, Photographs, Copy of the Passport, Previous education proof and Copy of the Passport. Different universities might demand additional documents. So, read all the requirements in advance.

We at Cova understand that it is not easy to collect all the documents and then manage everything. You can always come to us for help. We are here to assist you in completing all the essential steps to study abroad.

4) Apply for a student visa

In this step, you have to apply for a student visa. Visit the official website for the visa process, then create an account if you are applying for the first time. Then fill the areas with the required information, and complete the online application form. Next, schedule the visa appointment to attend the interview and start collecting the required document for the application.

If you still face any issues, then it is better to take help from an expert. You can take advice from the best Study Visa Consultants in Chandigarh.

5) Pack your bags and get ready

Once the study visa is in your hand, then it's time to pack your bags. Making travel arrangements is not easy, especially during COVID-19. Some of the essential items include clothes for cold weather, household items, kitchen supplies, electronic devices, good quality masks and face shields. It is important that you protect yourself from any type of flu or health issues. So, take precautions and travel safely.

That's it! Follow these five steps, and you will be good to go to the UK and fulfil your dream of studying there.

Are you looking for more information about studying abroad? If yes, then stay tuned to know more about study guides in other countries.

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